The Joe Pags Show

The Joe Pags Show

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Interview with Max Matheu

Interview with Kash Patel

Kash Patel Joins Joe Pags to Break Down the Ridiculous Dems' Selection Process, Plus How President Trump is After the Attempt on His Life and More!

Interview with Rep Rich McCormick

Rep. Rich McCormick Discusses the USSS Hearing with Director Kim Cheatle, Biden Dropping Out, What Comes Next, and More with Joe Pags!

Biden is OUT! Breaking News and Next Steps with Pags and Max Matheu-Hour 1

Breaking News Over the Weekend – Biden is OUT! What Happens Next? Plus, Max Matheu Joins to Explain the Next Steps.

Disenfranchised Democrat Voters-Hour 2

Breaking Down the Latest News: Are Democrat Voters Disenfranchised? Plus, Kash Patel Reacts to Biden Stepping Down!

Secret Service Testimony Insights-Hour 3

Diving Deep into Secret Service Director's Testimony – What Director Cheatle Said or Didn't Say, and More! Plus, Rep. Rich McCormick Joins the Discussion.

Pags Recaps RNC Day 4: Trump's Speech and Biden Rumors!-Hour 1

Pags Recaps Day 4 of the RNC, Highlighting Trump's Speech Finale. Plus, Learn How to Sift Through Misinformation About President Biden Stepping Down from the Campaign Trail!

Pags Interviews Ken Valentine + A Candidate Stepping Down: What Would Come Next?-Hour 2

Pags Talks with Ken Valentine About Trump's Assassination Attempt Protocols. Plus, Pags Explains What Could Happen if Biden Steps Down from His Campaign!

Pags on Latest After Trump's Assassination Attempt: What's Next?-Hour 3

Pags Breaks Down the Latest Reports Following Trump's Assassination Attempt – What's Happening and What Comes Next?

Pags Interviews Ex-Secret Service Agent on Trump's Assassination Attempt.

Joe Pags Talks with Former Secret Service Agent Ken Valentine About Trump's Assassination Attempt. Ken Details the Protocol for Such Events and Explains What Went Wrong.