Jon Justice on Twin Cities News Talk

Jon Justice on Twin Cities News Talk

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Hour 1 : Part Of Your World

Hour 2 : Legislative Landslide / Stephanie Rivera

The end of the legislative session is here, as we recap things with RSLC spokesperson Stephanie Rivera plus took your calls and played your talkbacks all hour and morning long on this and other topics.

Hour 3 : Can You Feel The Energy?

Friend of the show Isaac Orr from the Center For The American Experiment joins to discuss energy policies in the state, changes made in this session and much more as we head into a holiday weekend.

Hour 1 : What's Love Got To Do With It?

Robbie's Rundown after we talk about Ron DeSantis' big announcement from Wednesday features stories on more legislative surprises in store locally, state patrols enforce new rules regarding highway (and freeway!) stops and we lose a lady legend of rock and roll that spanned many a decade with hits.

Hour 3 : Goodbye, Minnesota

Friend of the show Howard Root penned a piece for the Star Tribune about his departure from the state as we welcomed him into studio for a pair of segments to discuss the article among other items.

Hour 2 : Bud Light Misses The Target

Jon dives into controversies surrounding two well known companies and their new woke ideologies as we take your calls and play your talkbacks all hour and morning long.

Hour 1 : Air France

Robbie's Rundown includes stories on one country banning short haul flights for climate reasons, one state catching more flack in terms of tourism and more.

Hour 2 : Tom Emmer / Target Controversy

Representative Tom Emmer (R-MN) joins from DC with the latest before we dive head first into the controversy surrounding Target.

Hour 3 : Liz Collin

Liz Collin from Alpha News joins to discuss a variety of topics including a Hamline University story, the controversy surrounding Target and much more.

Hour 1 : Eruptions Everywhere

Robbie's Rundown starts the day with the five stories you need to know including the state legislative session coming to a close, Keith Ellison's book release and one volcano we can't pronounce the name of is starting to make noise south of the border.