Jon Justice on Twin Cities News Talk

Jon Justice on Twin Cities News Talk

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Hour 1 : Freedom Friday

Hour 2 : Robbie’s Rundown / AK Kamara

The rundown includes stories on a carjacking suspect finally caught, a talent contest will take place next month at the state fairgrounds and a push to get the ruby slippers back home to Grand Rapids is underway. Friend of the show AK Kamara joins for the final portion of the hour.

Hour 3 : Balls To The Walz

The Governor’s comments on cable news about Trump, the state of Minnesota and more are broken down between our in studio guest and Jon as we play your talkbacks all morning long.

Hour 1 : Say Cheese

Jon discusses a story on how cheese can actually lead to better health before diving into more serious topics such as the upcoming election and one new poll that’s out perhaps foretelling what’s to come in November.

Hour 2 : Robbie’s Rundown / Chris Burgard

The rundown includes stories on a mysterious monolith that appeared in the desert, Medicaid fraud runs rampant and it’s sing along time at the state fair. Director Chris Burgard joins the show for an extensive discussion on his films on the border, January 6th and much more.

Hour 3 : Charlie Kirk

Author of the new book "Right Wing Revolution" and founder of Turning Point USA, Charlie Kirk joins Jon for a chat about the left, the 2024 election and much more as we play your talkbacks all morning long.

Hour 1 : The Great Replacement Theory

Jon wonders aloud if President Biden will eventually be replaced on the ticket before diving into social equity as it relates to the office of cannabis management in the state as we are off and running on a Wednesday.

Hour 2 : Robbie’s Rundown / Illegal U-Turn

The rundown today includes stories on the passing of a baseball legend, one wrestling legend returns to the Twin Cities with his new beer and Biden could open the door to half a million immigrants receiving citizenship status.

Hour 3 : Amnesty International / Liz Collin

We play audio from former President Trump at a Wisconsin rally yesterday and react to it as we play your talkbacks and take your calls all morning long. Liz Collin from Alpha News with the latest she's working on as well.

Hour 1 : Hot Takes And Cheap Fakes

Jon talks seatbelts, deep fakes, Biden, KJP, PSA’s and much more as it turns into an action packed first hour with audio and opinions as we play your talkbacks all morning long.