Jon Justice on Twin Cities News Talk

Jon Justice on Twin Cities News Talk

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Hour 1 : Pummeling In The Palmetto State

Hour 2 : The Latest From CPAC

Andrew Langer, President Of The Institute For Liberty, joins us fresh off a few days at CPAC outside of our nation’s capital. He chats with Jon about the international summit that kicked off the event plus Trump’s potential pick for VP, the results of a straw poll that took place and more.

Hour 3 : AK Kamara And Announcements

Our Monday guest conservative online opinionator AK Kamara has some exciting news to share with the audience before we talk illegal immigration, the 2024 race and much more.

Hour 1 : Disturbing Details

Robbie’s Rundown includes a wild story of a Minnesota man arrested in LA for a gruesome crime, more details emerge from the Burnsville shooting and the world’s oldest dog is stripped of its title.

Hour 2 : Recycling Nonsense / North Star Act

Jon discussing a City Council initiative to penalize people for recycling then chats about raising the minimum wage before pivoting to the North Star Act and how it could be damaging for the state.

Hour 3 : Tom Emmer / Border Song

Congressman Tom Emmer (R-MN) joins to discuss the latest from the border and why the North Star Act is a bad idea, then we talk more about the border and problems American citizens are facing.

Hour 1 : Choices A Plenty

Robbie’s Rundown includes stories on Trump’s shortlist for VP, more gun regulations are debated in the state legislature and the number of deaths on Minnesota roads so far in 2024 is alarming.

Hour 2 : Transportation Authority / Tax Man

Jon discusses coming changes to transportation to open our second hour and then welcomes Dan Pilla, tax expert, into studio to answer your questions as we head full steam into tax season.

Hour 3 : IRS Insanity / Library Lunacy

Jon discusses some IRS employees having to go through DEI training then talks through a wild story of library books then the President’s unpopularity and his fitness for office.

Hour 1 : Total Eclipse Of The Heart

Robbie’s Rundown includes updates on the shooting in Burnsville, the tragedy in Kansas City and a solar eclipse is coming soon with viewing options galore.