Eerie Beam of Light Appears in Canada

Residents of the Canadian city of Edmonton were bewildered on Tuesday evening when an eerie beam of light appeared in the sky and sparked some truly fantastic theories for what had created it. The wondrous sight was reportedly first spotted at around seven o'clock at night and remained visible for hours. As is often the case with such events, numerous puzzled observers posted photos of the odd illumination on social media and speculated about what it might have been.

It would seem that the two most popular possibilities offered by amused witnesses were that the beam was an indication that aliens had arrived or, failing that, the illumination was demonic in nature. More serious-minded individuals raised concerns that the strange light was coming from a disaster of some kind and proceeded to flood the phone lines of the fire department, who eventually took to Twitter to offer an explanation for what people were seeing in the sky. Fortunately, it turned out that the beam of light was neither alien nor demonic and had a much less sinister origin.

Find out what authorities say caused the beam at the Coast to Coast AM website.