Video: Woman Believes Ultrasound Shows Her Late Father Kissing Baby

An expectant mother in San Diego believes that her late father made a surprise appearance in an ultrasound image of her baby. According to a local media report, Shantel Carrillo is five months pregnant and had the first scans if her impending daughter taken last week. Although she initially did not notice anything out of the ordinary in the images, when she posted them on social media, her friends and family were quick to note that it appears as if there is a face leaning in to kiss the baby.

Based on the shape of the perceived visage, many suggested that it was her father, Chuck, who had passed away in 2016. Carrillo was particularly amazed when she compared the ultrasound image with a photo of her late dad and her first daughter at the hospital after she had been born and saw that the two scenes were remarkably similar. Given her dad's reputation as something of a prankster, the mom-to-be is certain that the anomaly in the image is her father.

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