The Highs and Lows of Flat Earth: Observations of a Dallas Gathering

They came from as far away as Australia, England, and Sweden, and were the hardest of the hardcore Flat Earth believers. Attending the fourth Flat Earth International Conference last week in a suburb of Dallas, TX, I had the unique opportunity to sit in on the festivities of this much-maligned and often misunderstood community of conspiracy theorists. A selection of pictures from the event can be found here.

While the nature of the Flat Earth may lead one to suspect that the conference (which included workshops and lectures) would be teeming with basement-dwelling and belligerent conspiracists, the people I met at the wildly festive event were far from the stereotype that has been foisted upon the Flat Earthers. Truth be told, there were less outlandish personalities among the 600 or so people in attendance than can be found at nearly any moderately sized UFO convention. In fact, the Flat Earthers I spoke to over the course of roughly four days were almost disappointingly ordinary people who were simply thrilled to be around fellow believers because, as one man told me, "the isolation is almost intolerable at times."

And, to their credit, rather than try and sell me on the Flat Earth theory, they were more than understanding when I made my intentions clear that I was simply there to observe the proceedings and not engage in any debate as to the shape of the planet. For the record, I believe the Earth is round, despite my time in the weeds this past week with those who vehemently do not. Remarkably, from what I could gather from my conversations with dozens of people who attended the event, the vast majority of them had only become believers in the last four years. This is striking when compared to your average paranormal gathering in which the usual level of proverbial service time is at least a decade if not far more.

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