Bigfoot Photographed by Baseball Player's Game Camera?

A major league baseball player recently shared a pair of puzzling photos of a mysterious creature prowling around his property and some suspect that the oddity could be Bigfoot. Jordy Mercer of the Pittsburgh Pirates spends his offseason on a sprawling ranch in Oklahoma enjoying a variety of outdoor activities throughout the winter months. Placed somewhere on his land is a game camera set up to film deer passing through the area and, earlier this week, the device photographed something particularly strange.

This past Wednesday, Mercer tweeted two images which he says were taken on "back to back days" by the device and asked, "anyone know what this is?" The first photo, captured at 3:41 in the afternoon this past Monday, shows what appears to be a tall, bipedal creature in the distance. The second image, produced by the camera at around 3 PM the next day, is a bit more distinct as it features a fairly sizeable animal that is clearly walking on two legs.

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