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Handel on the Law, Marginal Legal Advice

(02/04) HOTL Hour 3

Handel on the Law, Marginal Legal Advice

BHS - 8A - The Latest on the Chinese Spy Balloon and 'Foodie Friday' with Neil Saavedra

A Chinese Spy balloon floats 60,000 feet above the United States, so why haven't we shot it down yet? Also, some Handel History on Project Moby Dick! The Fork Reporter himself Neil Saavedra joins the show for an all-new edition of 'Foodie Friday'! He and Handel compare the better hot dog deal between Sam's Club and Costco, the newest Girl Scout Cookie and Chicken Wing Gate!

BHS - 7A - Police Lethal Force Called Into Question and The Strange Murder Trial of Alex Murdaugh

The family of the double amputee that was shot and killed by police are filing a claim against the city of Huntington Park, calling their use of lethal force into question. Some Mexican pharmacies are passing off fentanyl and methamphetamine. A look into the strange murder trial of Alex Murdaugh. And the sales of paper maps are booming again, but why?

Handel on the News

Wayne Resnick and Jennifer Jones Lee accompany Bill for Handel on the News. The three of them discuss news topics that include: China says it's looking into the suspected spy balloon over the U.S.; Canada is mointoring a 'potential second incident'. The family of a double amputee that was killed by the police is calling the deadly police encounter 'murder'. And the Hollywood man found with high-powered arsenal of weapons is facing several charges, including solicitation of murder.

BHS - 8A - Business News with Jason Middleton and Musings with Mo Kelly

Business News with JASON MIDDLETON.
Fed interest rate hike -Pfizer loses $43 billion in value -Oil profits up Exxon AND Shell (White House not happy) -Tesla stock price up 30%
Mo Kelly comes on for Musings with Mo,
Grammys this weekend -Cocaine Bear - Fact vs Fiction (the movie) -Elon’s Tesla Tweet Trial -George Santos Madness

BHS - 7A - Are we training our police officers wrong?

Push to limit ‘concealed carry’ guns
California threatens to blow up deal to save the Colorado River
Are we training our police officers wrong? BRAD GARRETT, ABC Crime & Terrorism Analyst
College board details new AP African American studies class

Handel on the News

Jennifer Jones Lee and Wayne Resnick accompany Bill for Handel on the News. The three of them cover news topics that include: Cyclist dies after being hit by car, then assaulted

BHS - 8A - OC Unified Suspends Its Digital Library Following Complaints and Handel & The House Whisperer

The Orange County Unified School District has put a suspension on its digital library after backlash from parents regarding certain texts available to students. Tranq dope - what it is and why it's fenanyl's new friend. And Dean Sharp joins the show for an all-new edition of Handel and The House Whisperer. Dean is live from Las Vegas at the International Builder Show (CES for construction).