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Halloween Candy Is Going to Cost A Little More This Year

Decorative pumpkins filled with Halloween candy

Photo: leekris / iStock Editorial / Getty Images

Our Halloween candy may be a little less sweet this year!

The cost of candy is increasing by nearly 13% this year. According to UCLA's supply-chain expert, Professor Christopher Tang, to ABC 7, the increase in candy prices is due to the rising cost of ingredients. Additionally, most candy products are manufactured in the United States, where labor costs have surged due to inflation.

This has led to workers requiring higher wages to make ends meet.

The ingredients that makeup candy, from the wrapping paper to the basic ingredients like sugar, as well as imported cocoa beans from Africa, have all seen an increase in cost.

As a result, every aspect of the candy-making process has become more expensive.

The National Retail Federation has projected that the average household will spend around $35 on candy this year, compared to $30 in recent years.

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