UofA Students Egg Anti-Abortion Activists With Graphic Display

University Of Arizona Students Egg Anti-Abortion Activists With Graphic Display

Daily wire

Students at the University of Arizona were caught on camera Wednesday throwing eggs at pro-life activists and their graphic display, which featured images of aborted babies.

Video shows a large group of students chucking eggs at a display set up by an anti-abortion group called the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform

The students also threw jello at the group’s display, Abra Singleton, the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform’s southwest regional director, told The Daily Wire.

Three of the activists were hit by eggs, including Singleton’s 72-year-old father, who was hit in the head with an egg, Singleton said.

Those three activists have filed charges, she said.

The graphic display featured photos of aborted preborn babies side-by-side with victims of historical human rights abuses like the Holocaust and Rwandan genocide

Students told local outlet 13 News that they were disturbed by the images

“Using that kind of graphic imagery and confronting people with that in a way that they physically cannot avoid because it’s lining a corridor that leads to several classrooms,” one student told the outlet. “Children can see that, people who have been exposed to those tragedies can see that without consent and that’s not okay.”

Students were reportedly so disturbed by the images that they set up emergency counseling at the Women and Gender Resource Center.

A student who works at the resource center told the outlet that “over 30 people” came into the center in one day because they were “triggered by the display and were in crisis.”

“The reason we use images is that past reformers have used images,” Singleton told The Daily Wire. She cited William Wilberforce, a British politician who worked to abolish the slave trade, and Lewis Hine, a photographer who worked to end child labor.

“We don’t believe that the victims of abortion benefit by being hidden,” she said. “We want to open the casket on the ugly truth of what goes on thousands of times a day.”

The reason they compare aborted babies to victims of other injustices is that “preborn human beings are just that, human beings,” she said.

“When you strip personhood away from certain groups of people, then you can justify killing them,” Singleton said

The anti-abortion group was hosted on campus by University of Arizona’s College Republicans club

On Thursday, the activists returned to campus with a police presence, per their request, Singleton said. At least two uniformed officers remained with the group all day on Thursday, she said. The police independently decided to erect their own barricade around the display, which was farther away than the group’s initial barricade and did a better job of preventing the students from damaging the display, she said.

The approach, while upsetting to some, works, she added.

“We have changed many minds doing this,” Singleton said. “Sometimes people change their mind right on the spot. Sometimes they come back to us years later when we have another display and they let us know that they were angry with us originally, but they later changed their minds because they kept thinking about the pictures.”

“Women have chosen life after seeing our images, so we know it works,” she said. “We understand that it’s upsetting, but children are dying, and our main focus is to make abortion unthinkable.”

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