It Rained Mud In Minnesota Last Night

Mud covered vehicle

Photo: Getty Images

Many Twin Cities residents woke up this morning (October 24) to an unusual sight: Their cars were caked in dust and mud. Here's why.

Dirt was dragged from drought-stricken areas of the United States into Minnesota along a strong cold front, according to Bring Me The News. That dirt then mixed with just enough rain to cement vehicles— and anything else in its path —with a coating of mud.

"Woke up this morning to a thick coat of dust caked onto the car. Haven't had to deal with that since I was in Afghanistan," a Twitter user wrote to Bring Me The News meteorologist Sven Sundgaard.

Sundsgaard shared satellite imagery of dust sweeping across the U.S. Plains, saying the small amounts of rain combined with the dust "basically created pancake batter."

Unfortunatly, there was not enough rain to relieve Minnesota of its drought. "We got some rain but not measurable at MSP," Sundgaard explained, "so just enough to mix with the dirt." The U.S. Drought Monitor shows severe to extreme drought is currently plaguing much of the Great Plains, including in parts of Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma.

However, Minnesotans are still keeping their spirits up. Some have even taken to social media to post memes about the situation.

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