'Mind-Blowing' UFO Footage Captured By Doorbell Camera

Photo: Dave Basner

Doorbell cameras have filmed many a porch pirate, but they've also captured some unexpected footage of everything from a woman giving birth to an eerie ghost to a boyfriend insulting his girlfriend's dad - even an alleged alien abduction. Well now, one doorbell camera has filmed an unidentified flying object in what a commenter calls "one of the coolest UFO vids yet."

It was shot in Raytown, Missouri a few days ago and shared on the UFO Sightings Daily YouTube page. The person who submitted it said, "Unknown aerial object caught on camera, slow moving and sometimes translucent and sometimes rejecting light." The video shows a close-up view of the UFO as well as the original, full frame video of it.

Commenters are pretty awed by the footage. One wrote, "One of the coolest UFO vids yet. Someone's stealth tech not working 100%" while another said, "Incredible find," a third noted, "This is compelling," and a fourth stated, "It’s seriously mind blowing and I cannot stop watching it." Commenters suspect the object to be at least seven or eight feet across.

As for anyone who thinks the footage has been faked or edited because the UFO looked blurry, one person gave a possible explanation saying, "It is rotating and that's why it looked translucent and changing shape. It is also moving very fast, if you check the change in size, but the reason thats taking me away from it is the no change in the picture quality of the craft. It should get blurry due to distance or change in light or contrast. It all remains the same even when the craft is moving away that fast. Try imagining a vehicle moving fast on a street."

Others wondered why there is a person - or some kind of being - running in the video, and what they witnessed. Some pointed out how a UFO was recently spotted during a football game a few hours away in Wentztown, Missouri, but that was later identified as a SpaceX rocket.

As of yet, no word on what exactly was filmed by the doorbell camera.

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