EMBARK Battle Planet: Book 7 by Jon Justice now available!

Jon Justice of Justice and Drew releases the 7th book in his sci-fi series, EMBARK: Battle Planet.

Treat yourself, a friend or family member with Sci-Fi! Written for adults but great for ages 11+ Buy EMBARK BOOK 1 Today. Available in ebook, hardcover, paperback and audiobook (book 7 audiobook coming soon).

EMBARK: Book 1 - As Earth faces its end, the fight to rule the stars begins.

Taft Gaurdia picked the right day to upgrade his ship when fellow pilot Kaytha Morrow arrived needing help investigating a cryptic message left behind by her late aerospace engineer father. Unaware that an industrial accident inside Earth’s largest supplier of civilian and military spacecraft has set off an apocalyptic chain of events, they make a shocking discovery.

As war erupts during the global evacuation, Earth’s evacuees stand upon the brink of annihilation. Realizing the significance of what they’ve found, with the help of a ragtag squadron of pilots, Taft and Kaytha might be humanity’s greatest hope for survival among the stars.

Don't miss this 2021 Taleflick Discovery sci-fi award winning series.

If you like your sci-fi space opera epic, filled with romance and action then EMBARK is perfect for you! 

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