Kamala Harris Writes the Perfect GOP Attack Ad During North Carolina Stop


Harris, along with Biden Sec. of Transportation Pete Buttigieg, visited my home city of Charlotte, North Carolina earlier today Biden’s bloated infrastructure law during a at a local public transit facility as ramps up that a potential 2024 or 2028 rivalry is brewing between the two, who are both failed presidential candidates.

Harris’s comments about the dire state of the economy and her weird singing and honking in the bus come a month to the day after Biden also handed Republicans a 2022 gift by giving his handlers nightmares with this statement:

“So there’s a lot to look at, but the bottom line is that I think that, anyone would prefer – as bad as things are in terms of the prices hurting families now, [anyone] would trade this Thanksgiving for last Thanksgiving.”

As I noted at the time, most of us in this country remember that last year at this time, the economy was turning around despite the coronavirus pandemic, and even most of the people who were struggling to make ends meet due to dictatorial economic lockdowns in Democrat-run parts of the country were at least able to find the food they needed for their meals and didn’t have much difficulty finding gifts to put under the Christmas tree.

Things are a lot different this year, despite what Biden, Harris, and co-President Ron Klain would like for people to believe. Due to Bidenomics, things are not only more expensive but are also harder to find.

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