Minnesota Zoo Asks Public For Help In Finding Missing Owl Named Gladys

Photo: Minnesota Zoo

The Minnesota Zoo is hoping that the public will be able to help reunite them with Gladys, a Eurasian Eagle Owl.

According to a Facebook post by the Minnesota Zoo, Gladys went missing during a "routine exercise and training session earlier this month."

Gladys is the zoo's Eurasian eagle owl. During the routine exercise, she flew off into a tree and never came back. Since then, the staff has been trying to track Gladys around the zoo and her whereabouts.

They do believe that she is on the zoo grounds, which is 485-acres, but in the case that she has left the grounds, they wanted to spread the word and recruit the neighbors of the zoo to keep an eye out for Gladys.

The Facebook post wrote:

"During a routine exercise and training session earlier this month, the Minnesota Zoo’s Eurasian eagle owl, named Gladys, flew off to a tree and did not return. Staff have been tracking Gladys around Zoo grounds and while she is likely to be somewhere within the 485-acre, heavily forested Zoo, we wanted to make our neighbors aware and ask for your help. Gladys does not pose a threat to public safety and we are proactively working with local wildlife agencies and authorities to assist in the search. If you spot a bird that looks like the included photo of Gladys, please contact your local police department."

Since posting the first Facebook post about Gladys, the zoo has received multiple tips and photos of possible sightings.

They posted a second Facebook post thanking those who had already sent in any information they had.

The Second Facebook post wrote:

"Thank you to all who have submitted tips and photos of owls in the area while we continue to search for Gladys. Owls have many common characteristics, and your photos are helpful as we investigate all leads. We know that there are 12 species of owl native to Minnesota, and we appreciate your assistance in helping us bring Gladys back to the Zoo safely!"

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