This Minnesota City Ranked On List Of The Most Neighborly Cities In America

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Having neighbors you can call for a cup of sugar or some eggs are the kind of neighbors we all aspire to be and hope to live near. So if you're looking to move and want to live in an area with neighbors that fit that description, you're in luck.

In honor of Good Neighbor Day, a day to acknowledge and celebrate the good neighbors around you, OfferUp, an online marketplace, released a report where they analyzed American cities and states to find which were the friendliest to live in.

To find which cities were the most neighborly, OfferUp used user meet-ups and sales data from August 2020 to July 2021. They judged each city on six key traits which included, "communicativeness, friendliness, generosity, honesty, punctuality and reliability."

So, which Minnesota city landed on the list of the most neighborly cities in America?

Minneapolis-St. Paul ranked 30th out of 50 of America's most neighborly cities.

According to the report, here are the top 10 most neighborly cities in America:

  1. Seattle-Tacoma, Washington
  2. San Francisco - Oakland - San Jose, California
  3. Los Angeles, California
  4. Miami - Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  5. Baltimore, Maryland
  6. Chicago, Illinois
  7. Denver, Colorado
  8. New York, New York
  9. Birmingham (Anniston & Tuscaloosa), Alabama

Click here to view the report.

Photo: OfferUp

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