Minneapolis Students Damaging School Bathrooms Over Viral TikTok Challenge

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A viral TikTok challenge is causing problems at schools nationwide and Twin Cities schools are taking action.

According to WCCO, Shakopee West Middle School officials released a statement that a TikTok challenge known as "devious licks" is leaving school bathrooms damaged.

The TikTok trend is to see what kind of materials students can get away with stealing from their schools. Some viral videos have shown students stealing computers, urinals, bathroom mirrors, etc.

"We have tried several measures to prevent the vandalism and theft but have been unable to get it to stop," Principal Lori Link wrote. "In fact, it is escalating."

The school says it will temporarily lock school bathrooms during class time but will open them up before and after school, during lunch and passing periods.

Staff members will also be placed outside the bathrooms to ensure no students partake in the TikTok trend.

At Stillwater Area High School, another Twin Cities school, administrators are adding hallway cameras after soap dispensers were stolen from the bathrooms.

"Vandalism and theft at school can result in suspension, expulsion, payment for damage and even criminal charges," said Principal Robert Bach in a statement.

The social media app announced that any videos about the trend "devious licks" are banned from the platform.

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