Sign the petition now to let them know you don’t want Critical Race Theory

Sign the Petition against Critical Race Theory Sigh here!

Signing the petition sends the standards committee the following letter in your name: 

Dear Minnesota Social Studies Standards Committee:

Thank you for listening to the concerns of thousands of Minnesotans about the deficiencies in the first draft of K-12 academic standards in social studies. I appreciate the improvements made to the second draft, including the document dropping references to “whiteness” and bringing in more objective facts of history, including the key facts of World Wars I and II and the Holocaust. 

Despite these changes, I am writing today to express continued concern about the second draft of the social studies standards and benchmarks. Direct application of Critical Race Theory (CRT) is evident throughout the second draft, especially with the addition of an Ethnic Studies strand.

The theme of oppression, marginalization, group identity, and absent narratives drives the second draft standards and benchmarks. Students will learn that their self-concept centers around their racial/gender group identity, and that limiting oppression narratives, not facts, is the lens through which all social studies content should be viewed.This is Critical Race Theory in action, and it must be rooted out of the standards!

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