Can You Guess Minnesota's Most Spoiled Dog Breed?

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Our dogs are our babies, so spoiling them with the best treats and toys is a no-brainer. revealed that dogs are more likely to be spoiled and pampered by their owners depending on their breed and location in the U.S.

To find the most spoiled pooch in each state, looked at 300 popular dog breeds and 450,000 individual pet profiles to determine what dog is pampered the most by its owners.

So, what is Minnesota's most spoiled dog?

A Schnoodle.

Out of all 50 states, Minnesota and New York were the only two states with the Schnoodle listed as the most spoiled dog breed.

In the Midwest, Dobermann's were named the most spoiled breed in the region.

Here is what the report said about the Midwest's most spoiled dog.

"The Dobermann is the most likely to be pampered with treats in the Midwest. Known for their watchdog abilities, this breed is always on alert and ready to protect their owners. Actress and entrepreneur Kate Hudson has recently adopted a 'Dobie' to add to the star's fur-family including Cody, an Australian Shepherd and Walter, a Shih Tzu."

According to the report, here are the three most spoiled dogs in the U.S.:

  • No. 1: Dobermann
  • No. 2: Whippet
  • No. 3: Great Dane

To view the complete list, click here.

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