This Minnesota Restaurant Has The Best Burger In The State

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Finding the best burger around town can be hard with so many options available.

Luckily, Food & Wine went on the search for the best burger in every state. No, we don't mean the best-looking burger. Instead, we're talking about mouth-watering quality seasoned beef that is prepared just right so you don't need any condiments type of burgers.

So, where is the best burger going to be found in Minnesota?

It is at The Nook in St. Paul.

Here is what the report had to say about Minnesota's best burger joint:

"Somebody else invented the Jucy Lucy, Minnesota's fabled, potentially hazardous (at least to your shirt) cheese-stuffed contribution to American burger culture, but you can ask anyone in St. Paul, and they'll tell you that the best one in the Cities can be found at The Nook. Here, they call it the Juicy Nookie, a wonderfully simple work of art—quality meat oozing your choice of American or cheddar in a soft bun that absorbs the worst/best of the burger's excesses. Bonus points for the vintage basement bowling alley, accessed via a side staircase; there are tables where you can sit and eat and watch the goings on. Burgers are delivered downstairs via dumbwaiter."

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