Final Episode of ‘Rush Limbaugh Show’ Airs

It's Jon Justice of Justice and Drew. In honor of Rush's final show I wanted to share with you the article from the Daily Wire. Be sure to hit the link below to read the entire piece. If not for Rush I wouldn't have had a career in radio and his voice, a voice needed in these times now more than ever, will be missed.

‘I Never Had A Positive Male Influence In My Life Besides Rush Limbaugh’: Final Episode of ‘Rush Limbaugh Show’ Airs

That’s a wrap.

A handful of callers on the air — and millions of listeners around the world — expressed their grief and gratitude as the final episode of “The Rush Limbaugh Show” aired on Friday afternoon, nearly four months after the death of its host. It was just two months short of its 33rd anniversary.

“I’d be lying if I didn’t say this wasn’t a little surreal,” said regular “guide host” Ken Matthews, who hosts a talk radio show in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, as the program opened.

Matthews praised Limbaugh’s resilience, as he continued to host the show nearly until his final day of consciousness.

“He fought until the end, literally until he did not have a voice. You could hear it,” Matthews said.

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