Jon Justice of Justice and Drew releases the fifth book In his SciFi series

Jon Justice of Justice and Drew releases the 5th book in his EMBARK Science Fiction series today! Set over one hundred years in the future, where air and space flight has replaced car culture, Book one follows a group of friends who unwittingly find themselves fighting for survival in the middle of an industrial accident apocalypse and Earth's evacuation to the stars. In books two-three, humanity in deep space on newly colonized worlds fights against a tyrannical galactic regime. Book four is a spin-off adventure that sets the stage for the next events to unfold.

All four books are available in ebook, Paperback, and audiobook here.

EMBARK The Rocket Queen: Book 5 continues the space opera saga, kicking off an all-new trilogy

Luna thought she was traveling to the happiest place on Earth.

She's about to discover it's her worst nightmare.

Two decades have passed since the apocalyptic chain of events forced humanity to abandon Earth. A military reconnaissance team is sent back to the evacuee's homeworld to investigate an unprovoked attack on the colonized worlds.

Upon arrival, mission leader Luna Gaurdia uncovers a nefarious plot when she's taken hostage by the mysterious and dangerous leader of survivors living in isolation within a theme park.

Who is the Rocket Queen, and what is she after? Luna must find out before it's too late.

Never read EMBARK? Let The Rocket Queen be your first entry into the series, with books one-five serving as the prequels. Buy EMBARK The Rocket Queen in ebook and Paperback here today!

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