Black Friday: Get signed EMBARK books by Jon Justice from Justice and Drew

Just in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, treat yourself or the science fiction fan in your life with signed copies of the EMBARK trilogy by Jon Justice from Justice, Drew and Sam.

An industrial accident triggers armageddon, forcing a global evacuation. Can five friends stop a corporate madman, bent on tyranny with an army at his disposal, before it's too late?

It's Jon Justice and I’ve received a lot of requests for signed EMBARK books. With Book 4 almost here, now is the perfect time to pick up the trilogy and get it personally signed. If you already have the books and want them signed, I have a way to do that too. Just follow the instructions below.

For signed EMBARK Books, follow the instructions below.

When you order, have them shipped to me (Jon Justice) from Amazon. Follow the same instructions; if you already have a copy, mail the copy you have to me instead.

If you haven’t purchased a copy yet, click here: (YOU CAN ALSO PICK UP THE SERIES IN EBOOK AND AUDIOBOOK, NARRATED BY Jon Justice)

Have it shipped to me here:

Jon Justice

1600 Utica Avenue South, Ste. 500

Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN 55416

Send $5 thru PayPal for return shipping, include your address in the notes and who you want them signed to

As soon as I receive them, I’ll sign and mail them to you the next day.

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