The News Media is lying to you about COVID 19 infection rates!

Among the many websites I use for prepping the show is this great resource called "Topic Pulse."

TopicPulse: The ultimate compass for your content. With TopicPulse, you always know what locally trending topics are resonating with your audience in real-time.

There is a sidebar on the website that takes a singular news story and then offers a list of links for similar news stories around the country. 

This below is a cut and paste of a sidebar story from today. Below in this post are screenshots of the links. 

Minnesota Reports 2,500 New Cases Over the Weekend

  • The coronavirus returned to Minnesota with a vengeance over the weekend as the state is reporting 2,500 new cases and seven new deaths.
  • The weekend case count brings the state's total to 97,638, according to the Minnesota Department of Health. At least 2,105 residents have died from COVID-19, MDH reports.
  • Infectious Disease Director Kim Ehresmann says she believes the surge in cases has been fueled by a high number of social gatherings. At least 37 outbreaks have been traced back to weddings, she adds. "One event can affect so many people," Ehresmann says.
  • Have people eased up on practicing safety measures because they've grown tired of them? If testing would have been more available at the time, would the country's early coronavirus numbers have been a lot higher?

You click the link, and you get the list of stories in the pic. Each story is from a different state, and each of them has various versions of the same details and headlines. 

For example: “____NEW COVID CASES,” “ITS RETURNED!” etc.

But guess what I did? I looked, and what do all those states (KY, OH, MN BC, CO, etc.) have in common?  



Wednesday's testing kicked off a four-week push by state health officials to remove barriers and increase access to COVID-19 tests, as the coronavirus' hold on Minnesota marches on.

Over the next month, pop-up testing sites will dot the state, offering COVID-19 tests to anyone who wants one — whether they have symptoms or not. No insurance, no appointment (though athey're recommended), no payment necessary.

The state Gov drastically expands testing, and then the media starts pumping out stories a week later saying that infection rates are spiking. This is all because of the election. The timing is such that heading into the debates and in the coming the weeks, the election, you'll now have, as Drew calls it, "Fear Porn" articles about how a second wave/spike in the virus is happening. 

Do not believe the media-driven narratives! 

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