Ron Burgundy Talks To Strangers In A Special Call-In Episode

Ron Burgundy

Ron Burgundy

On this special episode of The Ron Burgundy Podcast, Ron Burgundy and his co-host, Carolina Barlow, take questions and calls from fans. Carolina is hesitant: “You shouldn't talk to strangers,” she tells Ron, “and I don't mean people in general shouldn't. I mean you, specifically, shouldn't.” But Ron’s been wanting to do this for a long time, so they give it a shot. First, several listeners reached out to Ron on Twitter to ask for his advice on several topics. Ron understands, saying that he gives great advice, especially when he gives Carolina fashion tips. Carolina isn’t so sure: “You just threw my shoes out the window, and I actually had to walk to my car barefoot.” Ron brushes it off, saying, “Everyone comes to me for advice, love advice, fashion advice, raccoon advice.” He’s excited to share his advice with all his listeners, and then go into the control booth and “press all the buttons.”

Ron’s first question is what a handsome man can do to celebrate his sixth wedding anniversary. “First of all, good to know you’re handsome. I’m handsome too. I’m glad we’re talking, handsome to handsome,” Ron says. “What I would say is that women love surprises.” Carolina agrees, suggesting a romantic surprise like a getaway trip or even just flowers and a card. Ron starts snoring, telling her, “Your advice put me right to sleep.” Instead, he suggests dressing up like Satan, hiding in a cupboard -- “one that your wife opens a lot” -- and then jumping out when she least expects it. “Now that’s a surprise!” 

Another Twitter user asks Ron if it’s okay that he “really, really, really” believes that zombies are real. “Of course that’s a good thing,” Ron replies. “Zombies are real, and I’m prepared for that zombie apocalypse...I don’t travel with a spare tire in my trunk, but I do travel with a crossbow.” Carolina immediately makes a note to take that away from Ron at the earliest opportunity, but Ron brags that she’ll never be able to find it because he hides it behind a “cool false panel.” After a pause, he realizes, “ I’ve told you.” 

Another listener asks Ron whether he should get an emu or a llama as a pet. Neither, Ron says: “Everyone should just look into getting a raccoon” because they’re easy to train. Ron says he’s even gotten them to sort his recyclables from his trash, “and every Thursday night, they take my trash cans to the curb and, by God, every Friday morning, they bring them back...I don’t think an emu or a llama is going to do that.” Carolina wants Ron to point out that there is a high risk of being infected with rabies if you try to domesticate a raccoon, and Ron admits that that is true.

Then, Ron takes calls from listeners. “The topics range from cheese, to golfers from the ‘70s, and wolf-dog hybrids...dinner-table issues for folks.” He asks Kelly from New York if she ever goes to the store “hoping they’re going to have free cheese samples and then just gorge and leave without paying anything?” Kelly says definitely: “That’s actually the entire reason that I am a Costco member.” John from Troy, New York goes down memory lane with Ron, talking about golfer Hale Irwin’s “great pants,” and Ron offers to stop by John’s house to watch old golf tournaments on VHS. With Victoria, Ron recommends a “rare Parisian cheese” called Velveeta; when he tried it, he says, “I thought I was walking on a cloud.”  

Join Ron, Carolina, and several fans of the show to hear more of Ron’s incredible advice, Carolina’s great accents that really impress Ron (“Carolina doesn’t have a lot of talents. She’s like a plow horse, but this is your real shining moment. You’ve got these voices down!”), and how “Dill Havarti” sounds like a 70s golfer, on this episode of The Ron Burgundy Podcast.

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