WATCH: Russia claims to test fire new hypersonic interceptor missile

SEE IT: Russia claims to test fire new hypersonic interceptor missile


Russia’s defense ministry on Tuesday said it had successfully test launched a new hypersonic interceptor missile system with a precision unmatched by any other country.

The reported launch took place at Sary-Shagan, an anti-ballistic missile testing range in Kazakhstan, according to a tweet from the ministry. The tweet included a video of the test launch which showed missiles shot from the ground at high speeds, leaving behind trails of smoke.

Russia-24, a state-owned news channel, reported that the new missile will be used to protect Russia's borders from incoming aerospace weaponry.

The new interceptor missile, launched by Russia’s Aerospace Defense Forces, successfully completed its tasks by striking an assigned target “with prevision,” the report said.

Military excerpts, cited by the channel, said no other countries have matched the ABM’s capabilities. TASS, another state-run news agency, reported that the last trials took place on Dec. 1, 2018.

Hypersonic missiles can be launched from land, sea, or air, and can fly more than nine times the speed of sound. The U.S. once led in the development of hypersonic missile technology but has lagged for the last 60 years, according to Iain Boyd, a professor of aerospace engineering at the University of Michigan.

Citing hypersonic advancements by China and Russia, the State Department announced last year that hypersonic capabilities are the “highest technical priority,” according to Defense News.

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