Amy Klobuchar Says Planned Parenthood Offers Mammograms. They Don’t.

Amy Klobuchar Says Planned Parenthood Offers Mammograms. They Don’t.

"They’re going there for mammograms..."

Paul BoisMay 10, 2019

2020 candidate Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) has put forward the dubious and pernicious lie that abortion conglomerate Planned Parenthood offers mammograms, even though this myth has been so thoroughly debunked that evenSnopes had to admitthe assertion had no merit.

Speaking at a Fox News town hall event this week, the senator from Minnesota said that "one in five women" go to the abortion chain for treatment besides abortion, which apparently includes mammograms.

"Most of them are going there for contraception, birth control, they’re going there for mammograms, they’re going there for cancer screenings, and yet over and over again, this president has tried to cut that funding for Planned Parenthood," Klobuchar said, according toThe Washington Times.

The senator's emphatic defense of Planned Parenthood stemmed from the prospect of Congress stripping it of American taxpayer dollars. As noted byLifeSiteNews, the Democratic talking point that Planned Parenthood offers mammograms has been punched with so many holes as to render it entirely obsolete.

"Planned Parenthood does not actually provide mammograms, but only offers standard breast exams that women can perform themselves and referrals to get mammograms elsewhere," reports the outlet. "Even mainstream fact-checkers such as The Washington Post have beensetting the record straightever since former President Barack Obama claimed in 2012 that Planned Parenthood offers mammograms."

"Pro-life groups such asAnd Then There Were NoneandLive Actionhave helped expose the truth by organizing and recording phone calls to various Planned Parenthood locations by women attempting to schedule appointments for mammograms, demonstrating that Planned Parenthood could not meet their requests," the report continued.

During the town hall, Klobuchar, a supposed moderate among a roster of socialist crazies, also defended her stance on late-term abortion.

"Of course, there are limits there in the third trimester that are very important about, except for the health of the woman, and there are some limits there," she said. "But I think overall, what we want to do is make sure women have the right — right? — to make their own decisions."

Klobuchar also blasted President Trump for seeking to defund Planned Parenthood due to its birth control program supposedly curtailing the number of abortions. "So when this president goes … against Planned Parenthood, that to me is a major problem," she said.

Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life (MCCL)wrotethat Klobuchar is an extremist on abortion — not only on her support for it in the third-trimester but also due to her support for taxpayers funding the procedure, having sponsored various pieces of legislation to severely limit abortion restrictions.

"Klobuchar has never voted for a pro-life bill or for a restriction on abortion, no matter how modest," the organization said. "Klobuchar also co-sponsored sweepinglegislationthat would haveinvalidated nearly all limitson abortion, at any stage of pregnancy."

If Klobuchar wants to clinch the 2020 nomination, she has a major uphill battle, with the latest polls putting her nearly dead last. Upon announcing her candidacy, she took a major hit in the character department when The New York Times released ascathing reportconfirming rumors that Klobuchar earned herself a reputation on Capitol Hill for abusing her staff.

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