Sam Mourns a Dead Chicken

Justice & Drew producer, Sam Sansevere, ordered 15 Mille Fleur d'Uccle Bantam chickens online. They're an adorable variety of booted bantam, which is a small chicken with feathered feet. They hatched on May 8th, and were shipped out from a hatchery in Iowa on the same day -- at just one day old. They arrived at her local post office the next day, on May 9th, and she was able to pick them up after the morning show.

Since she'd never ordered chicks online, she was a little bit worried about them all surviving the trip, but 15 healthy little chicks were all waiting for her at the post office when she picked them up.

They are so tiny!

She set them up in a brooder, which is a box equipped with a heat lamp, food, and water.

They were thriving and doing very well!

After a few hours, though, Sam was sad to see that one chick had passed away -- likely due to stress or just being generally a little more weak than its siblings to begin with. This is common with chicks that are only a couple days old. It's just a part of farm life.

So, naturally, Sam found a small perfume box that could serve as a size-appropriate coffin for the little chickie to have its final resting place.

An Ariana Grande perfume box served as the chick's final resting place.

Sam then performed a very meaningful and traditional funeral service for the deceased chickie.

Rest in peace, chickie.

As of May 10th, the remaining 14 chicks are all still healthy and thriving.

Stay tuned to see if there need to be more funeral services for any of Sam's chicks.

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