Fighting Easter Bunny Has Lengthy Criminal History, Is Wanted In New Jersey

The man wearing an Easter Bunny costume who was captured in a viral video getting involved in a Florida street fight has revealed his identity and explained why he decided to intervene in the melee between a man and a woman on Easter Sunday. Antoine McDonald told WKMG that the entire incident began when the man spit on the woman and McDonald decided to step in when the couple started throwing punches.

"The guy was, I don't know if he was bullying her or what, so then I see him spit on her, and she starts hitting him and everything," McDonald said. 

McDonald told the station that after a police officer broke up the fight, he was afraid of being arrested but decided not to run away.

"The thought went through my head when the cop came over, but you know I didn't leave. I didn't run. I said, 'You know what? This man deserved it.' You know, if I have to be arrested for this to prove a point that this shouldn't be happening, then so be it," McDonald told the news outlet.

He claims that he is not a violent person but is not afraid to throw some punches if necessary.

"I am the type of person to avoid fights by any means necessary, but in that situation, I would fight any day," McDonald said. 

While McDonald might be considered a hero for trying to stop the fight, he has a lengthy criminal history. He was most recently arrested in February on a charge of reckless driving. He was also arrested in January after he allegedly tried to use a fake ID to rent a U-Haul truck. In 2017, McDonald was arrested with two others in Delaware after being accused of committing two burglaries within 12 hours. There is also currently a warrant out for his arrest in New Jersey where he is charged with breaking into a vehicle in September 2018.