Here Are The Sketches SNL Is Accused Of Plagiarizing

WATCH: Here Are The Sketches SNL Is Accused Of Plagiarizing DAILY WIRE

On Friday,Varietyreported accusations of plagiarism against "Saturday Night Live" by a comedic group who says the iconic show blatantly stole their ideas — and they've got evidence.

Two video sketches released by SNL over the last six months are eerily similar to sketches produced and published on YouTube years earlier by comedic group Temple Horses. One sketch aired by SNL last October titled "The Pumpkin Patch" features an owner of a pumpkin patch questioning his employees about an accusation that they had intercourse with some of the pumpkins. Another SNL sketch, "Pound Puppy," released in mid-February, is a fake infomercial about a new product that allows couples to have sex without worrying about offending their dogs.

Both of the videos, Temple Horses co-founders Nick Ruggia and Ryan Hoffman said in a letter sent to NBC in February and obtained by Variety, were lifted from sketches their troupe published on YouTube back in 2014 and 2011: "F*** A Pumpkin" and "Pet Blinders" (videos linked rather than embedded due to NSFW content).

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