The Oscars stage this year strongly resembles Donald Trump’s hair?

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The Oscars stage this year strongly resembles Donald Trump’s hair

ByChris Perez

Once you’ve seen it, you can’t unsee it.

Social media users are convinced that the Oscars stage wasinspired this year by President Trump’s hair.

“I can’t be the only one saying this,” wrote Tom Piechura on Twitter.

“Anyone else seeing President Trumps hair in the 2019 Oscars stage?”another person asked.

“Maybe it is a tribute,” a third user said.

The set — which was created by Tony-nominated Broadway production designer David Korins, of “Hamilton” — was supposed to represent “inclusion and humanity, femininity and beauty,” but all anyone seemed to think about was Trump’s pompadour.

“I don’t see that, but I think that people see in artistic endeavors all sorts of things,” Korins said whenasked about the resemblance by the LA Timeson Sunday.

“You look at paintings and sculpture and architecture and people see what they want to see,” he added. “The world is filled with hard lines and straight lines and us-and-thems, and I really wanted people to feel like this was an asymmetrical, warm, undulating art installation that was installed in this theater.”

Several people also pointed out how the Oscar statues in the background, which were made of red roses, looked like “Melania Trump Christmas trees.”

The first lady caught flak during the holiday season for displaying crimson Christmas trees around the White House, with some calling the decorations “morbid.”

“Did they recycle Melania’s Bloody Christmas Trees into the Oscar Statues on stage?” joked one Twitter user.

“Dear Lord so many meltdowns about red Christmas trees how could they?!” another person said. “If you ask me they’re creepier than Melania’s trees ever were.”

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