Woman Topples 15-Foot Crucifix Inside Church During 40-Minute Crime Spree

A California woman is facing six felony charges after going on a 40-minute crime spree through the city of Watsonville. 23-year-old Jackeline Chavira began by stealing roses from a store on Main Street and then walking into a religious store where she stole a statue which she broke. She then snatched a soda from a bakery before making her way to St. Patrick’s Church.

Inside the church, Chavira toppled a 15-foot crucifix on the altar. Watsonville police released surveillance camera footage from inside the church which shows Chavira looking around to make sure nobody was watching and then sizing up the giant crucifix before knocking it over.

She then ran to the church's prayer room, where she destroyed artwork and a statue while two people were praying. Her crime spree ended inside of another religious store where she got into an argument with an employee while trying to steal another statue.

A few hours after Chavira's final crime, police arrested her and took her to a Santa Cruz County jail. Authorities said she caused over $15,000 worth of damage to the church.