How Much Does Tom Cruise Really Run In His Movies??

We may have solved the mystery as to why Tom Cruise runs in every single movie he's in. Rotten Tomatoes compiled a video of all the scenes that feature the 56-year old action star running, and then figured out if there's a correlation between the amount of running and the film's critic score. 

Turns out - generally speaking, the more he runs, the higher the rating the movie ends up earning. Movies in which he runs in a range between not-at-all to what the site considers “middle distance” hover at a Rotten Tomatoes score of around 62 percent.

When he really gets going though, his movies achieve an average score of 71 percent, including films such as The Firm (1992), Minority Report (2002), War of the Worlds (2005), Mission: Impossible III (2006), Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol (2011), Edge of Tomorrow (2014), Mission: Impossible: Rogue Nation (2015), Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (2016), and The Mummy (2017).

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