‘New sign’ warns motorists of smartphone zombies

‘New sign’ warns motorists smartphone zombies could be in the area

Beware of smombies sign (Picture: Rex)

The problem of pedestrians being distracted by their mobile phones has got so bad that new signs have been put up to warn motorists to watch out for them.

Yes, it’s the drivers who have to be more careful and not the people who are glued to their device.

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A road sign warning motorists people were likely to cross the road while checking their phones was placed outside a school in Reutlingen, Germany.

But it turns out it wasn’t actually official and a prankster was having a bit of fun.

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The mock sign was placed outside a school in Reutlingen, Germany (Picture: Rex)

They were probably just trying to make a point pupils at the Friedrich-List-Gymnasium school should get off their phones.

The sign, which has now been removed by authorities, was referring to the phenomenon of smartphone zombies, or smombies, who are always on their devices.

Don’t let yourself become one.


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