Workers in Fastest-Growing Jobs Have Trouble Getting By

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Those hoping to repair bicycles or fight forest fires will have good luck finding work over the next decade, but home health and personal care aides will fare even better, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics' list of America's fastest-growing jobs. The US is expecting 0.7% job growth annually. 

But thanks to an aging population, the personal care industry is expected to add 754,000 jobs for 37.4% growth by 2026, while the home health industry is expected to add 425,600 new jobs for 46.7% growth. Together, that's more jobs than projected across the eight other fastest-growing fields combined, notes the Washington Post. The problem: They're among the lowest-paying jobs in the country, per 24/7 Wall St. Personal care aides make about $21,900 annually; home health aides pull in $22,600.

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