MN House of Representatives Opinion Poll Ballot

From the Minnesota House of Representatives Public Information Services Facebook page:

The 2017 #MNStateFair is underway — make the Minnesota House booth and our annual opinion poll part of your day at the fair!

Here are the questions on this year's opinion poll ballot:

1. Should handheld cell phone use be illegal when operating a motor vehicle, except in emergency situations?

2. Under current law, anyone can be charged with a misdemeanor for intentionally obstructing traffic on a highway or at an airport. Should the charge be increased to a gross misdemeanor?

3. Should local governments be prohibited from adopting ordinances that regulate a minimum wage, paid or unpaid leave, or other work benefits for private employers?

4. Should Minnesota allow the recreational use of marijuana for those age 21 and over?

5. In Minnesota, a person (law enforcement is exempt) cannot carry an uncased firearm in a public place unless they are in possession of a valid permit to carry. Should this prohibition be abolished?

6. Would you support increasing the state's 28.5 cents-per-gallon gas tax by at least 10 cents to help fund highway and bridge needs across the state?

7. Should Minnesota legalize sports gambling?

8. Some metro-area cities have raised, or are considering raising, the minimum age to buy tobacco products from 18 to 21. Should this change be made statewide?

9. Should the state primary election be moved up from the second Tuesday in August to the first Tuesday after the third Monday in June?

10. Should telecommunications companies be required to obtain a consumer's consent before selling or sharing web browsing data and other private information with advertisers and other companies?

11. Should a grant program be established to help teacher candidates of color or who are American Indian complete licensure programs?

12. Sunday off-sale liquor sales began in July. Should taxes attributed to Sunday sales be dedicated to fund chemical dependency treatment programs?

Stop by our booth in the Education Building to cast your vote! #mnleg


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