Two Important Gun Rights Bills In The MN Legislature

Friend of the show Rob Doar from Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus joined Justice & Drew this morning to share information on two important gun rights bills getting hearings in the MN House later this week:

H.F. 188 Constitutional Carry

Author: Jim Nash

Bipartisan support with 33 cosponsors.

Allows for citizens not prohibited from owning firearms the right to carry in public without needing to get a Permit to Carry.

H.F.238 "Self Defense Law Reform " aka "Stand your ground "

Author: Jim Nash

28 Cosponsors  (all GOP)

Removes the duty to retreat obligation for use of deadly force.  (Not just guns, any deadly force) And codifies in law the elements of use of force.

Listen to the segment here:

These bills are getting a hearing in the House Public Safety and Security Policy and Finance Committee on Wednesday, March 8th at 10:15am. If you're inclined to support these measures, here's what the Gun Owners Caucus is suggesting:

  • Join us on Wednesday, March 8th:  If you can be at the hearing, please join us!  The hearing will be in the State Office Building (100 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Drive) in Room 10.  The hearing begins at 10:15am.  We recommend arriving early.  You may carry in the State Capitol Complex if you have a Minnesota Permit to Carry - prior notification is not required. We recommend carrying concealed.
  • Call your State Representative:  Let them know you support HF188 and HF238 and want to see them move forward in 2017.
  • E-Mail your State Representative:  Follow-up with a brief e-mail to your State Representative reiterating your support for HF188 and HF238.
  • E-Mail the Committee:  E-Mail the members of the House Public Safety and Security Policy and Finance Committee.  You can find a roster of members at this link.
  • Please join the Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus if you haven't already:  It's our members and their financial support that enable us to move legislation like this forward. Join us today!

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