Beauty and the Beast: Who did Disney make gay?

Posted by Jon Justice

News broke this week that Disney has changed Lafue in Beauty and Beast from just being Gastons sexually ambiguous "side kick" into a gay character who apparently struggles with his feelings for Gaston and his sexuality. This is sure to create some controversy. With this being a children's story, many parents have their own timeline of when they wish to discuss issues of human sexuality with their kids. Several reviews of people who have seen the film say that it is without a doubt shown that Lafue is gay. This is a break from the current "norm" of gay characters in kids (and some genre) movies where its handled in such a way that it flys over the heads of smaller children while still displaying that the character is obviously a homosexual for older viewers E.G. Star Trek Beyond, LEGO batman, Zootopia and (as Jeremy says in the video) the cartoon version of Lafue too, just to name a few. In a few short weeks we will see just what the response from the public will be and in the end that will probably determine how these issues are handled in other "childrens" movies. 



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