Pirates of the Caribbean 5 Trailer and Comments

Posted by Jon Justice

Arguably most people do not care for the Pirates of the Caribbean movies apart from The Curse of the Black Pearl. That being said I am not like most people and love the first trilogy of Pirates movies. However I did not care for On Stranger Tides which I found to be almost shockingly boring, despite it's stellar cast. Needless to say I wasn't all that excited for a new film and felt the franchise had probably ran out of steam. It turns out that is far from the truth as Pirates 4 was actually one of the highest grossing films in the series after Pirates 1. So far we have not seen much footage apart from the teasers that Disney has released which have been rather short and do not provide much of Captain Jack or depth of plot. I have liked what footage has been shown and while it does seem to echo much of Pirates 2 and 3 I find that to be welcome return from what we all saw in Pirates 5. Below is the latest teaser and it continues to add to my curiosity and pending level of excitement for the film. 



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