Girl Asks Police For Help With Math Homework - And Gets It!

Ten year old Lena Draper was having some problems with her math homework, so she turned to an unusual source for some assistance.


The responses were sent by Lt. B.J. Gruber (no relation to Hans, as far as we know), who told CNN that he didn't really find the questions that odd. He added though that it was first time the department had ever received a homework question on their Messenger account.

Lena's mom Molly Draper posted the screenshots of the exchange on Facebook. And a friend of hers pointed out something of a mathematical misdemeanor: the order of operation in the officer's reply was actually incorrect.

"Buuuut after doing the parentheses, she should actually multiply the (29+15) times 2, then add the (90+27)," wrote Amy Pelfrey. "Glad they were willing to help! But multiplication before addition!"

Gruber admits he's "more of a history, civics and social studies kind of guy" and laughed about math not being his best subject in school.


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