Anti-Protest Bill Is "White Supremacy" Says BLM Member

John Thompson who is a member of Black Lives Matter, St. Paul testifies against a bill that would increase penalties for people who block streets or highways while protesting.

Thompson turned aside the author's comments that it was not aimed at any race or group. "This bill is directly aimed at protesters." "Take your shovel and dig Martin Luther King back up and dig Malcom X back up and charge them with protesting. Alright? This is nothing but white supremacy in our face," Thompson told the House committee hearing the bill.

"Let me be clear. My friend Philando Castile was shot seven times by the St. Anthony police department with a little girl in the back seat of the car. "Jamar Clark was murdered by the Minneapolis police department. So if you want us to stop protesting sir, stop giving us a reason to protest. Please. "You can charge me with a felony. I will be in these streets. —protesting —you and white supremacy. sir."

The bills passed the committee 10-6.

Video credit to Michael McIntee:



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