A Look At The #RESIST Playbook!

If you had any doubt that these 'town hall' disruptions aren't completely manufactured and fake, here's your proof:

You can clearly see - these are centrally organized and are solely designed to disrupt the town hall meetings to the point where nobody can genuinely engage with their Congressmen. They have a variety of assigned roles: Speaking, Energy Team, Marshals, etc. They have chants planned out, and a pre-planned narrative for easy media consumption. 

Their goal is to prevent GOP Congressmen from holding these town halls at all, so that they can then go forward with the narrative that they are not listening to their constituents. 

The best way to fight this is to continue to expose it - so please, spread this around as widely as possible, and if you're so inclined, let your elected representation know that you see these fake protests for what they really are!


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