This Is Why We Need Stronger Borders!!!

In these times of heightened border security, at least one 30-foot-tall robot dragon has been halted from entering Montana.

According to The Missoulian: 

A routine documentation snafu caused the fire-breathing machine to be held up at the Canadian border early Friday.

The transformer was headed to Billings for Friday night's No Limits Monster Trucks show at Rimrock Auto Arena at MetraPark. The show will go on without the car-eating Robo Dragon.

"At 1:30 in the morning I get this text, which woke me right plum smooth up," said Ed Beckley, President and CEO of the Texas-based Checkered Flag Promotions.


Apparently the paperwork to get into the country wasn't quite in order, despite 30-foot tall robotic fire-breathing dragons clearly NOT included on the list of prohibited items to bring into this country.

The good news is that the show will go on as planned. The better news is that I've never felt more safe against fire breathing robotic dragons. Thanks, Trump!



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