Al Franken for President?

We called this on the show last week during the DeVos confirmation hearings. Sen. Al Franken has elevated himself as one of the most high-profile Democrats in Congress, with his previous name recognition and his willingness to be combative and confrontational in these hearings. Well, here comes the trial balloons. 

The Washington Post has an editorial. 

That was re-printed by the Star Tribune.

So does National Journal.

Oh look, he's got a book coming out later this year. That's always the first step... 

However, let's look back at this piece from November of last year, when he flat out said he wasn't interested in running for President. With the obvious interest from party insiders and media folks, will he stand firm with that statement? Only time will tell...

Perhaps it would play out much like it did in his 1999 satirical book 'Why Not Me?' where he wrote about a disastrous Presidential campaign... 



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