Every game, every tackle, for every Little Brother and Little Sister. Harrison Smith, all-pro free safety for the Minnesota Vikings, is drafting his team for BIG TACKLES FOR BIG BROTHERS BIG SISTERS. Pledge an amount-- $1, $2.50, $5 or more—for every tackle he makes this season. His tackles and your support will help create life-changing friendships for Twin Cities kids who could use someone on their team. Learn more and make your pledge today at BigTackles.org

This campaign goes beyond football, it’s about giving to those who truly need and deserve our support. Please join me by making a pledge, or invest your time by becoming a Big— please click here to sign up. If you can’t make a pledge, please show your support by sharing the campaign on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Thanks for your support of Big Tackles, and of Big Brothers Big Sisters.


Harrison Smith #22