I caught a bit of Spring yesterday when the temperature got above awful. I felt, for a brief moment, some hope that living can be better. Yesterday, I didn't wear a jacket while running errands. I actually ran errands! My thoughts have turned to spring and summer in Minnesota and I'm starting to recall that it's a great place to be most of the time. I thought about making a video for myself where I explain how awful winter is so I can watch it in August when I'm complaining about the heat. What blows my mind is that when November rolls around I will actually be happy for the coming winter. I'm an idiot.

Jeff Johnson gave us a campaign update today. He will be releasing his education plan soon, and announcing his lieutenant governor search committee in the next few days. I like Jeff and he would be a good governor. Jeff has agreed to abide by the Republican Party of Minnesota endorsement so he is grinding it out and going to as many local party conventions as he can. (I don't use BPOU because the general public has no idea what that is. You should stop using it in public too.) It's a hard slog.
There are times when I think of campaigning like I think of winter in December. I forget how awful it can be and I start to miss it. I forget the horror of winter in February like I forget about the long days of working on a campaign. Campaigning is fun hard work, like football practice, so it's a little different than winter. I'm glad I do radio now and I hope Spring and Summer last forever.