Straw poll winner Marty Seifert joined us in the 7am hour to discuss his victory and his campaign. I wanted to get into Obamacare because in his time off from politics Marty has been working for the hospital in his home town of Marshall. We'll do it next time. We did all politics this time. 

Marty says that his campaign made some mistakes in 2010 (the last time he won the straw poll) and that he will not repeat those mistakes this time. For example, in the 2010 race, Marty didn't make delegate calls because he was busy at the capitol being a legislator.  He won't have that problem this time. I find that unfathomable. If victory depends on the delegates, you actually have to call them. Ben and I worked on the Emmer campaign at that time and we assumed Marty was making calls just like Tom was. It's weird that he wasn't. 

Marty also said that bringing up Emmer's past run-ins with the law was a mistake. Those of us on the Emmer campaign knew that at the time. We knew that it was going to hurt Seifert to hit a fellow Republican with something like that. The general election, of course, is different. 

Marty Seifert is busting his butt for endorsement. He drove 14 hours in a blizzard to meet with 11 delegates. That's what you have to do to win. I commend him for the effort. So much of politics is a grind that most people don't see or appreciate. The politicians you know in real life are probably spending a lot of time grinding, and not a lot of time having fun. 

We played a little game show today called "She Said What?" where we had to guess which Michele Bachmann quotes were real, and which were not. It was actually complimentary of the Congresswoman. There has been graphic traveling around social media that attributes a ridiculous quote about the Bible being being written in English to the Congresswoman. She clearly did not say it, but that hasn't stopped the rumor. Despite what the Left likes to tell people, the Congresswoman is a very smart woman. That being said, the gameshow was a funny bit. Listen to it.

My wife says I'm too mean to Ben. I'm going to stop being mean to Ben. The moment he gets a girlfriend.