Ben sounded like a southern transplant this morning when he whined incessantly about the state of Minnesota roads. Don't get me wrong, it's a pain in the butt to have to drive in weather like this and on roads like this, but this isn't the first time any of us have had to do it. I will understand Ben's frustration in February. By then, for me, the charm of winter has worn off. But Ben is freaking out like it's March already. We're a week in! It's going to get so much worse! It's not even technically winter yet! Ben doesn't have a garage. It's only a matter of time before his car fails to start on some morning. Get ready for the rant that morning!
My lovely wife and I took Hug Nugget to see Santa at Ridgedale on Sunday. We spent two hours in line with all of the other little monsters to get a picture of Hug Nugget with the big man from the North Pole. That's two hours for a picture of the most adorable child in the world having a full-on freak out. The picture is on the Up and At 'Em Facebook page. It's perfect. I joked on Twitter that once I started talking about Santa's provenance, the line to see him really thinned out. I didn't really do that. I'm not a fun-ruiner. So, the show will always be safe for kids to listen to in that regard. I make no promises on other topics though.
We had a long conversation in the third hour about the state of American politics. There's way too much to discuss here, so just download it.
Paul Allen talked about shaving strips into things.
We continued with our "Northwoods News" segment where Ben details some stories about really really stupid people doing stupid things. Today's segment involved a woman who hid a meth pipe in her lady parts, a dude who threw hot grease on his mom, and a Savage man who was sentenced for 90 days for killing his Golden Retriever with a sledge hammer in his driveway in front of children. Also, a bunch of people in Milwaukee got sick from eating cannibal sandwiches. I'm familiar with cannibal sandwiches. I've never had one, but stories from my parents inform me that this delicacy used to be part of northern Wisconsin culture. It's raw hamburger and onions. Gross. You know what makes hamburger taste great? Cooking it.

Obamacare is a mess. Seven out of ten doctors in super Democrat California aren't participating in plans offered through the California exchange. MSNBC's Chuck Todd said on his program that because is now "fixed," the Republican effort to repeal will "fizzle." The website is't the problem, the website was fun to make fun of, but it's not the problem.The problem is the policy, and the policy is making health insurance cost more and causing people to lose their doctors. If the Democrats and the mainstream media think that the only problem was the website, that is great news for Republicans. If the Democrats decide to campaign on Obamacare now that the website is "fixed," that is great. People will see how out of touch they really are. Also, the website isn't really fixed. Lots more details in the show. Download it and listen.