In an effort to regain the legitimacy our show loses with every Ben's Internet Girlfriend, we have started a sorta serious segment for Wednesdays called the "8 Debate" where we bring in two competing viewpoints and have the representatives duke it out.
Let me know if you have an issue or a good guest who wants to come on participate in an actual debate.
Today on the 8 Debate, DFL Representative Ryan Winkler debated Republican Pat Garofalo on minimum wage. Rep. Winkler won because the Democrats are in charge of the House, Senate, and Governor's office AND THEY GET TO DO WHATEVER THEY WANT.
The interesting part is that Winkler essentially admitted the DFL is doing this for political purposes. He agrees with raising the minimum wage, but acknowledged that there is a huge political upside for the Democrats to be doing this in an election year. What's going to be really interesting is the political fight between the House DFL and the Senate DFL. The House is up and needs the votes, the Senate doesn't and wants to avoid budget problems in the future.
It was a lively debate. You should download it.