10. $30,000 of your money to "foster trade and cultural relationships" between Minnesota and East African nations.
Obviously understanding the significance of the Shona tribe's kudu horn in Zimbabwe or improving imports of cement from Tanzania are critical to Minnesotans.

9. $360,000 for marketing consultants to rename state programs.
Perhaps we could save this money by just adding the phrase "and Happy Thoughts" after each program's name.

8. $53,000 for a Capitol bust of Nellie Stone Jackson who was a member of the Socials Workers Party and the Young Communists League.
Well, at least the DFL is being honest about who they want to revere and honor!

7. $33,953 of Legacy funding on a program for three Minneapolis high schools to help acquire skills in graffiti art and lettering, and building an appreciation for the art form's history and cultural significance.
Call this one the Minneapolis Tagger's Scholarship program. And when they "display" their work, we'll continue to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to remove their graffiti "art" every year.

6. $10,000 for an artist to travel to China and within the United States to create photographs that address issues of personal, national, and cultural identity.
A free vacation to China for some lucky Minnesotans! Great!

5. $63,161 of Legacy funding on a tour of Z Puppets Monkey Mind Pirates for 16 performances that integrates puppetry, music, and yoga to give families creative tools to find calming.
Puppet shows. To create "calming". Remember this one the next time you're stuck on a freeway in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

4. $4 million to create electric vehicle charging stations.

3. $1.7 million for a program to reduce "special education" paperwork which only moves the work from paper paperwork to online paperwork.
The same people doing the same work on the same reports but with a $1.7 million cost to get the same results.

2. $200,000 to examine the effects of aquatic environments on shipwrecks and preserve Minnesota's history and cultural heritage.
So we have to study the effect of water on shipwrecks?

1. $500,00 to create a program to encourage low-income Minnesotans – that are on public assistance – to learn the benefits of making healthy purchases at Minnesota-based farmers' markets.

So the next time you hear somebody in Saint Paul complain that we don't have enough money to fix your streets or educate your children, remember this list and tell them in a loud and clear voice: "Don't tell me you don't have enough of my money!"