This morning, we read from an op-ed piece written by an immigrant from the Soviet Union who lives in Marshall, MN. He warns us that a minimum wage increase gets us closer to the politics of 1980s Eastern Europe communism.

Ilya Gutman at

The minimum-wage-increase discussion is under way in Minnesota and nationwide. It looks like most politicians – to say nothing of multiple poverty-fighting organizations – support the idea. The question is just by how much it should be increased. Shouldn’t we all slow down a little bit?

People who promote minimum-wage increases look mostly at one thing: how much a person must earn in order to be able to afford all of the life necessities. That, of course, varies greatly to the point of almost $60,000 for a family of four, according to JOBS NOW Coalition. It is hard to take this number seriously (not everyone is entitled to a single family house and a new car), but regardless of what people suggest one may ask a simple question: If we can raise the minimum wage with no negative consequences (and supporters of the increase usually trivialize the possible problems), why not raise it to $25 an hour and thus bring everyone into middle class?